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Over the last couple of weeks various developers have contacted me asking me if i knew of a simple mobile SAPUI5 example which used both the ODataModel and the BlueCrystal theme. I have built one and thought i would share it with everyone.

The app uses the Northwind OData Service and showcases some of the sap.m and features like the sap.m.App, sap.m.Shell and, all up approximately 100 lines of code.

You can find the source on github


I have created a copy of the sample application that uses Declaritive HTML, similar amount of code, should be handy for those starting to develop with the HTML View, a couple of the expression took some trial and error

Also this morning the Northwind OData Service was down so I was working off the Mock Northwind OData Service provided in the SAPUI5 SDK.

Both versions have been updated to allow data to be read from the fake service.

This also means the application can be tested online without SOP issues code

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