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Last night I got the opportunity to sit down and chat with aviad.rivlin from SAP and discuss the SAP Fiori Cloud Edition (a.k.a SFCE). Aviad is a director of product management for the SAP Fiori Cloud Edition. In our 20 minute chat you will find out all about SFCE , here are some of the specific questions Aviad answers:

  • What is SAP Fiori Cloud Edition?
  • What are the main benefits customers can expect?
  • What Fiori Apps are available now and what is planned for the future?
  • Do you need to be running SAP ERP on HANA or S/4HANA?
  • Can you use Transactional, Analytical and Factsheet apps?
  • Can you build your own Fiori or Fiori-Like apps and run them on SFCE?
  • What do customers need to install “on-premise”?
  • What is HCP oData Provisioning a.k.a. Gateway as a Service (GWaaS)?
  • How frequently do updates get applied in the cloud?
  • How is testing managed for updates?
  • How much does it cost? (Will Aviad really answer this? - you will have to listen to find out) :grin:

You can listen to our full discussion here

If you haven’t already seen Aviad's post announcing the general availability of SFCE I encourage you to take a look:

Announcing General Availability (GA) of SAP Fiori Cloud Edition!

Another great place to start as Aviad mentions at the end of our talk is with the SAP Fiori Cloud Demo Edition, so make sure you check that out as well.

Please leave your comments and feedback below. Thanks for listening!

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