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Hi All,

Business always interested in Trend/Arrows in tables instead of numbers .In 4.0 IPAD we can get this by writing some code.

we can use images and hyperlinks to get the same .But it needs some maintenance.

End Result

This blog gives you simple trick to show Trend/Arrows in your webi report as per condition.

We know that we can use ascii values in webi with CHAR() function.


CHAR(9650 ) - UP ARROW

CHAR(9679 ) - CIRCLE

> Insert new column to show Arrows/Icons

>Write alerter with sub alter to show Arrows/Icons with different colors as per condition.

>write condition : Sales Qty less 10

Format alerter as per requirement. In my case DOWN Arrow

Set color for ARROW :RED and width of arrow (you can change it by increasing font size and style as BOLD)

Now you need to create sub alert for the Sales Qty greater than 10

create alert

Format :

Display : =CHAR(9650)

Format : GREEN color

Now apply Alert in your blank column. That's it :smile:

Similarly you can create Alerters for ICONS also.

You can get ascii char values for different shapes from here

Code Charts

Unicode character table

Note : You can use all the ascii codes. Neglect &# and use the number .Some of them may give (rectangle box) in rich client /rich internet mode ,but you'll get the symbol in html mode (reading)

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