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Show total in break header

Sometimes reports need to show the sum or average, etc. before the detailed data, like in financial or sales reports.

This document will describe step by step how we can easily move the total before the detailed data.

Step 1:

In the below example, I created a vertical table based on financial data.

Step 2:

I created a break on “Segment” dimension as following.

Step 3:

I replaced “Segment” label by the Segment dimension in the break header. Then I replaced “Total Revenue” label by Total Revenue measure. I did the same operation for “Total Cost”. Finally I cleared the labels “Year” and “Product Line”.

Step 4:

I edited the “Segment” break:

  • Right-click on “Segment” then select “Break” menu and select “Manage breaks” option.
  • I remove the break header option
  • I selected the “Merge” option for duplicate values

Step 5:

I edited the “table” properties:

  • Select the table
  • Right-click select “Format table” option.
  • In the “General” tab, I checked the option “Show table headers”

Step 6:

I edited the background and foreground of the break header to differentiate it from the table header.

Now, that’s done, it’s very easy to move the total before the detailed data.

I can also do the same operation for additional breaks, like for the year for instance:

You can download the Web Intelligence report attached to that publication that details all the steps described in that document.


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