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Recently I found a blog that I had written last year and had been sitting idle in draft waiting for some final spit and polish. Well the good news is that that blog was not the only one. This is yet another of the parked-for-way-too-long blogs. I have edited it for tense and timing.

Last November, in what was a very déjà vu moment for me, I dropped in on a PHP User group meeting. My very first blog on SDN was a promotion of a PHP User group event in London.

Wow! That was over 8 years ago and since that very first stammering blog and some encouragement from craig.cmehil I have blogging ever since. Well, while I sip on some "Chateau de Chasselas" and reminisce, I do have some point.

Aside from the great talk on the new features in PHP 5.6 (Ed: this year PHP7 is about to be released) there was an opportunity for Lightning talks.

I quickly grabbed some thoughts together and jumped up.

So what do you tell a bunch of web developers in the basement of a pub in Darling Harbour, Sydney about #OpenUI5 in 3 minutes.

Well, to be honest not a great deal, but I was able to acknowledge that SAP user interface is historically and generally recognized as sub-par but that SAP is committed to doing something about it point them to the key urls and then show them a quick example of the new controls.

With slightly more preparation I could have perhaps had the 3 or 4 top highlights that could impact them. Of course PHP are not solely developers only using PHP but web developers who deploy whatever it takes to get the job done. That means they use a stack of JavaScript and most of them were using react or angular.

Of course I hung around afterwards and was able to chat to a couple of guys about different things they were doing which is the most fun part for me.

So, if you have any opportunity to tell web developers the exciting things about what is going on with OpenUI5 then grab it.

What is your 3 minute OpenUI5 elevator pitch?

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