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I love finding out new things and ways to work around challenges.  I'll admit this workaround was news to me and thought it wholly appropriate to share.

There has been criticism of SAP Lumira that you can't share the new Storyboards between users.  This workflow isn't ideal but certainly proves that statement false.

Like most things for me it started with a tweet .... and I did have a number of responses and questions hence sharing the workaround.

Start with a Lumira document that includes, Data, Visualisations and a Storyboard.

File >>  Save As, and enter the logon credentials of your own SAP Lumira Cloud Account.  Type in an Email address of the recipient you want to receive the Lumira document and a personal message.

Alternatively, you can save the Lumira document to you own cloud space and share it from there.

The recipient will receive an Email with your message and a URL to click on.

After clicking on the URL, the recipient will be prompted to log into their own Cloud space (if they are not a registered user, there's a workflow to register them)

The recipient can then save the shared lumira document to their desktop

And then open it in Lumira Desktop ...

Now the recipient has the exact same document as the sender, with the Data, Visualisations and the interactive Storyboard.

Simple and effective, not the best but there is always room for improvement.

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