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The part1 of this blog can be found here

Sharing my Workflow Experience

This blog is regarding some various tips and tricks most of which I have learnt from SDN and few of them from the issues faced during my projects.  These tricks have worked and I hope it will be helpful to others also.

  • One of the issues which we faced was user complaining he is not getting work item in his inbox but workflow low in SWIA was showing in his inbox. As we were not having access to inbox of any other user so it was kind of difficult to confirm the things. We tried using SWU_OBUF and creating again a new workflow instance to see whether he has got any work item in his inbox or not. But the user was like he did not.  So while searching on SDN came across a very useful transaction to see what work items are present in whose inbox via SWI5.We can use transaction SWI5 to view the approver’s workload or sort of inbox. In the end it turned out that user was looking in some different tabs he was not checking the workflow tab.  Although it was more of a training issue but SWI5 helped us in solving our problem.
  • One of the other issues was like user is not getting work item in his inbox for approval. We looked in workflow log and he was right. We went to the definition of the workflow and surprising for that step there was no expression no rule nothing was defined. We got confused that how it is working for other users then.  After little bit of search her e and there we found that a default rule was attached at task level and it was where the approvers were getting determined.
  • Sometimes it is the requirement from the end user to add few of the dynamic columns in the business workplace. A quick trick which we found was in order to add dynamic columns to user inbox it is always a good practice to do it through SAP standard transaction SWL1 else if it does not meet your requirement  we can use BADI WF_BWP_DYN_COLUMN
  • Many a times we are required to send emails to workflow admin in case some event linkage gets deactivated.  It is quiet known that in order to send email to administrator we have to use option of feedback after error option in event linkage. Next question is where do we define the administrator is it in SWEQADM or SWDC. In end it turned to be SWDC is the place where we should define the administrator.
  • Sometimes it is required to skip the work item if deadline is reached. In order to skip the current step once deadline is reached we can activate the obsolete work item option for current task and then in modeled deadline we should set it to obsolete using the process control step.
  • Sometimes we get the error Workflow Error: "Error when loading the callback component (work item xxx)"   One of the possible reasons for this in addition to binding and all can be some breakpoints are set in Tcode SWIA in administration tab because of which workflow goes into error.  In addition to other possible reasons this should also be checked.
  • Change user name of WF-BATCH which is posting a document in background to the user who lastly approved the release. .In those cases we can bind back the actual agent who executed the previous work item and change the background task to dialog task with advance with dialog set. The workflow system will use the correct user to execute the following step without interrupting it .
  • Sometimes it is needed that work items should be visible in UWL not in SAP business workplace in that case we can use BADI WF_BWP_SELECT_FILTER for filtering work items in SBWP
  • There is a transaction which creates multiple documents. We need to start the workflow for each of them. This works fine for around 80-85 documents. For the remaining documents workflow does not start. I am trying with 200 documents. For the remaining documents event is triggered and in event trace, i see the information that receiver started correctly. But in RFC Status it displays as 'Error in Target System'. This is definitely due to system overload. Is there something that can be done for the same? Is this number configured somewhere like how many workflows can work in parallel. It is RDISP/TM_MAX_NO. After changing the parameter system restart is required.
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