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Want to share a solution based on my experience with SFTP adapter configuration. This might be useful for beginners. Most of us think that *.* will be useful to read the file from the directories with any filename with any extension.

For ex – if we configure the directory as Test*.* in file adapter, that will read any files with combination “Test” in the file name. This will work for the file adapter. We tend to use the same concept for SFTP adapter. But this will not work in SFTP adapter case. If we do the same configure, we end up seeing the message 0 files in the directory even though the files are there in the directory. The SFTP adapter will not show any error log also that the file naming convention is wrong etc.  It will simply show “0” files in the directory.

SFTP adapter treats “.*” as “*” while reading the files from the SFTP server. So the file name should be configured as “.*” to read the files with any combinations with any extension.

Ex – if the file name is configured like 1234-Report-.*.dat , the adapter will read the files with any combination “1234-Report-” and with extension “dat”.


I hope this solution is helpful for the people who are configuring the SFTP adapter and under assumption that it works in the same way as file adapter while reading the files from SFTP server.
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