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This will help to check what data is there for a particular task Id in Successfactor. In compensation integration, after compensation planning completed in SF, planned compensation will be imported into HCM running report RH_SFI_IMPORT_COMP_DATA.

When we run report RH_SFI_IMPORT_COMP_DATA in HCM, it will trigger list of interfaces and get the data into SAP HCM from SF. Last interface is SFSFQueryHandlingGetJobResultEmbeddedQueryResponse_Out which will get the planned compensation details from SF.

Seems this soap service is getting the data in the form of binary. So we cannot see the content in PI as part of monitoring. Same in ECC also.

You can find the Task id in below services.

  • SFSFQueryHandlingSubmitJobQueryResponse_Out
  • SFSFQueryHandlingGetJobStatusQueryResponse_Out
  • SFSFQueryHandlingGetJobResultEmbeddedQueryResponse_Out

In order to see what data is coming from SF for a particular task id, we can use SFAP Async Job management tool.

Take the completed task id from monitoring once all three interfaces executed.

Go to API SFAPI Async Job Management (SFAPI Login Required)Tools

select  SFAPI Async Job Management (SFAPI Login Required)

Give your task id here and click on get Task status.

click on get result and you will get data.

another option will be, log into SF Analytics and get the data. but you need task name here. Reg Compensation SFSF integration



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