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I (Soumya N) and Farhasadab Kazi have attended the OpenSAP course on "Extending JAM Application using HCP" and tried to implement the same in our demo account of SuccessFactor JAM.

While trying this scenario we were facing a lot many issues and we started the discussion on SCN which was successfully closed, find the discussion as "OAuth Token Generation exception"-

Hence we have written the blog so that it will be easy for you guys to try it on your system if your willing to learn HANA Extensions.Attached is the reference document describing the step by step procedure how to extend JAM functionality using HANA Cloud Platform.

We have tried to cover almost all the steps in that document required to built the successful JAM extension using HANA Cloud Platform. If you face any issues or not clear with any of the steps you can contact us.

Hope this blog will be helpful and you will enjoy building extensions using HANA Cloud Platform for JAM.

Thanks & Regards,

Soumya N, Farhasadab Kazi.

Note: If you have any questions or concerns please email us on,

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