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This article describes how to deliver Input Planning with different granularity with SAC Planning Analytic Design Table. It uses Headcount Planning for the case. It answers the following questions:

  1. How to deliver SAC Input Layout with different Date granularity

  2. What is Full Year & Quarter total needed to deliver the requirement.

Table Content

  1. Introduction

  2. Setup Dimension setting of Date in Model

  3. Setup Analytic Design table for different granularity

  4. Set up Model Account Dimension member


The forecaster/inputter needs to forecast headcount number for 6 years with different data Date granularity. 

In the Input Planning Table, Input planning granularity will be: 

Current Year is monthly planning. 

Next year (current year + 1) is in quarterly planning. 

The remaining 4 future years are yearly.


Setup Dimension setting of Date in Model

As the lowest level is Monthly. 

Therefore, Dimension Date setting needs to setup to Monthly. 

The path: 

Main Menu -> Create -> Model -> Start with Blank Model 

Select one of Model type . 

Model Structure -> Date -> Granularity: Month

*** please continue setup other model dimension as per your requirement & load init data. 


Setup Analytic Design table for different granularity 

Create new SAC Analytic Application / Analytic Design and add table into canvas.  To meet the requirement to have input planning in table with different granularity. 

For example: 

Current Forecast date/Cutover date is June 2021 (Q2/2021). It means current year 2021 is monthly. Next Year 2022 is quarterly and 2023 onward is yearly.  2022 monthly date needs to set 'Hide Column' by expanding Year 2022 to monthly granularity then select monthly column and right click then click 'Hide Column'. 

Regarding 2023 – 2026, it is yearly granularity. Monthly and quarterly for all the years need to set 'Hide Column'. It can be set up hidden by expanding to monthly granularity, select both monthly and quarterly date and right click then click 'Hide Column'. Set up this for each of year. 

How about current Year 2021?  I don't need to hide any column in 2021 data since the granularity is monthly data. 

Set up Model Account Dimension member

For Headcount, Full Year total is not a quarterly headcount summation and quarterly total is not the monthly headcount summation.  Quarterly Total is the last period of the monthly headcount data and Full Year total is the last quarter headcount. 

To deliver this requirement, account member Exception Aggregation Type and Exception Aggregation Dimension need to set up to 'Last' and 'Date'. 

Go to Model -> Model Structure -> click on Account Dimension -> shows Dimension Members

The question is what stored date is in model? 

For Q1(2022), the headcount is stored in March 2022. 

For Q2(2022), the headcount is stored in June 2022. 

For Q3(2022), the headcount is stored in Sep 2022. 

For Q4(2022), the headcount is stored in Dec 2022. 



By this setup, Business User is able to input their forecast as per their expected granularity. Feel free to comment what you did for the similar requirement.

I will put how to do rolling forecast at the other blog.


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