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Check Transaction SPROXY on the ABAP system to ensure that ESR of PI/PO is connected.

If this is not given, you need the following setup steps:


1) Create 2 RFC destinations (Type G) on your ABAP System.

The name of the first on has no naming convention. This name will be used in sxmb_adm as URL. (section 2)


Second RFC destination (Type G)  needs the name SAP_PROXY_ESR

Note: If connection test is 404 instead of 200 then one cause could be:

in new SAP Systems please deactivate Automatic Proxy settings under global Configuration.

2) You have to run transaction sxmb_adm “Integration Engine Configuration”

and enter PI URL Destination.

3) You have to run transaction sxmb_adm and press Manage Queues and register them as well.

4) Maintain transaction SLDAPICUST

5) Testreports (SE38)


Now you will be able to see the ESR by using SPROXY transaction on ABAP system

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