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I decided to share with you my experience setting up standard SAP Enterprise Services in SAP PI. I heard about Enterprise Services some years ago and I was involve during design phase in that project but without time to setup and test them. Finally years later I was involve into same project maintenance phase and I was proud to see my design working as expected and even better with some colleague improvement.

That was an introduction to let you know my Enterprise Services background. My current project required SAP PI configuration and some basis task that I was not able to do before, for example, setup and prepare Service Interface to be used.

I didn’t found any clear how to guide or SCN related discussion regarding the all process and for that reason I consider to write that blog to share with you.

Step 1:

Search Service Enterprise that match with your business requirements. You can go thru

Once you find it out, I’ll say:  HandlingUnitERPRequestConfirmation_In

These details give you under which SAP SWC is your required Service Operation, write it down! SAP APPL 6.04

Step 2:

                Download from SMP SAP APPL 6.04 SWC to upload in SAP PI ESR.

  1. Under Software Downloads --> Support Packages and Patches  -->  Browse our Download catalog --> SAP Content --> ESR Content

All SWC are listed:

Chose yours and find the correct file...

Make sure to download your correct .zip file corresponding with you component version in ECC in order to activate properly abap Proxies in backend.

Check your SP version in System/Info

Step 3:

                Import SAP APPL  SWC from SLD in ESR


Step 4:

                Upload ESR object from *.tpz file downloaded in step 2.

  That step can take few minutes…

Finally we get APPL SWC in our ESR PI. Just need to confirm if Services Interface are available from txcode: sproxy at your backend.

Check in tcode: sproxy that everything was right.

Enterprise Services ready!

If not, don’t panic SAP note 1528587 -PI ESR Content 0bjects are not visible in SPROXY is giving us a workaround to activate Services at backend.

                You need to copy all objects created during APPL upload in SAP SWC to your own SWC, just need to create SWC in SLD and copy with option Transfer Design objects in ESR (namepaces should be copied with same name at custom SWC):

Following these steps you can go to tcode: sproxy in your backend and see all Services activated under your custom SWC:

*No sure if workaround is giving us a correct activation in back end or we need to apply some other correlations.


Roberto Cantero.

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