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In a hybrid IT landscape, with SAP Cloud hosted application, many customer quite often need a data communication interface between SAP Cloud application and on-premise  SAP or non-SAP database.

With SAP Cloud Platform Integration for Data Service, this can be achieved by creating a DataStore connection using ODBC DSN for any DB. Datastores are the objects that connect SAP Cloud Platform Integration to your cloud and on-premise applications and databases. Through these connections, SAP Cloud Platform Integration can access metadata from and read and write data to customer on-premise applications and databases.

This document describe the steps to create a Datastore connection in SAP Cloud Platform Integration portal for an on-premise HANA DB, to use in HCI Tasks.


To setup Datastore for connecting to on-premise HANA System, an ODBC DSN is to be defined first on Data Service Agent machine by installing HANA DB Client.

For help on setting up of Data Service agent server, refer my earlier Blog on

Download and Install HANA DB Client

Download HANA DB client from Download section in SAP Service Marketplace or use the link

Download and copy the IMDB_CLIENT20_002_36-80002083.SAR file on Data Service agent host.

You may also need SAPCAR to extract the archive.


Install the HDB Client on Data Service Agent host

Run hdbinst as administrator.

Confirm the default path for installation.

Press enter.

Create ODBC System DSN (Data Source Name)

Go to Windows Administrative Tools and run ODBC Data source (64-bit).


Go to tab Drivers. HDBODBC drivers should appear as a part of HANA DB Client installation.

Go to tab  ‘System DSN’ and create DSN ‘<OnPremise-HANA>’. You can choose any name for DSN connection.

Server:Port   <hana host>:30015

Click on Connect. Provide User/password created for connection and test the connection.

System DSN for HANA DB connection is created.

Create DataStore connection on SAP Cloud Platform Integration Portal

After successful creation of ODBC DSN on Data Service Agent server, go to SAP Cloud Platform Integration portal for your organization.

Create a new Data Store connection.


In Type field, select Database, and for Database, select ‘SAP HANA’.

In Credentials section, enter ODBC DSN connection created on Data Service Agent server , User Id and Password.

Save and test the connection.

Once connection is tested successfully, Metadata can be added for HANA DB Tables and it’s available to use for HCI Tasks.


Similar approach can be followed to setup a DataStore connection in SAP Cloud Integration portal for any database like Oracle, DB2, using ODBC Connection, as per project requirement.

Hope this information is useful for technical consultant.


Mahesh Bansal
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