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Recently we have a requirement to setup alerts specific to the interface.

There is standard consumer ALERT-TO-MAIL can be used for Alert rule for all interfaces.

What we need to do is to register a new consumer for the Specfic Alert rule from web service navigator.

Step 1.

Create new Alert Rule in Integration Directory, sample Test_Alert. assign Specific configuration Objects here. save and active.

No need to Insert consumer in Extended tab, casue this will be done in Step2.

Step 2. Register Consumer, we will use web service navigator to do this

You will find Register Consumer operation from Service Interface "AlertRuleIn", chose this and click Next

Chose RegisterConsumer operation and click Next

Here we need to type parameters:

AlertRuleID:  the one we create from Step 1 in ID

ConsumerName: type any name, here I use test_to_mail.

EnableAlertRules: True

Continue by click Next Button

It will ask user account and Password. the user must have role SAP_XI_ALERTCONFIGURATOR_J2EE

Message shows RegisterConsumer excuted successfully

After complete this, you will see your Consumer been assigned to Alert rule

Step 3, Schedule Job by NWA-->Operations-->Jobs-->Jave scheduler

Reference blog from Step 3

Michal's PI tips: Component-Based Message Alerting

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