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This Blog is in continuation to my previous blog SolMan 7.1 Integration with UFTin this i am going to explain steps involved in connecting UFT with SolMan.

Install the UFT with SAP add-in.

Open UFT and from menu choose Tools -> SAP Solution Manager Connection... select this

The below pop-up is opened on selection:

Server description will contain the list of servers available in SAP Log-on pad (saplogon.ini)  in some cases this will be blank.

UFT expects saplogon.ini file to be in C:\Windows. If the list is blank move a copy of saplogon.ini file to C:\Windows.

Enter user ID, pwd. with which UFT has to connect to SolMan click on connect button. Choose reconnect on startup and save password for reconnection on startup.

Every time when UFT is opened and the SolMan connection is established then SAP logo appears at the bottom of UFT as shown below

Choose a Recorded script and From menu choose the below path

Tools -> Options -> GUI Testing -> SAP Solution Manager

The below screen will open

In Run result maintain a network path to store the result of UFT.

In SolMan all the Test scripts have to start with Z so new test prefix and new file prefix should be maintained as Z.

After scripting is over, to transfer the parameters automatically to SolMan make below settings.

To see the parameters in UFT after scripting is completed navigate to below path

open script and from menu choose File -> Settings choose parameters tab, below window opens.

Hope this helps new users to understand and setup with ease.

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