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If virus scan profile is not set up properly then while uploading files through NetWeaver Gateway (File Upload/Download through NetWeaver Gateway) it will throw an error “Virus scan profile /SCET/GUI_UPLOAD is not active” as below. We worked with our basis team to get it resolved. Here are the steps.


Solution Steps:

1)  Go to transaction 'VSCANPROFILE'  and make sure /SCET/GUI_UPLOAD profile is not active.

2)  Go to trtransaction:  /n/IWFND/VIRUS_SCAN (Configuration of virus scan profile for gateway).

      Current Settings: Virus scan profile is switched  on for /SCET/GUI_UPLOAD.

3)  Remove virus scan profile and Switch off virus scan check box. Execute.

This message should appear.

Now virus scan issue should be resolved and you should get a HTTP status code 204.

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