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Like most of the other SAP Enterprise Cloud Application, email id is a mandatory field for user id creation in SAC. In my current engagement, we were facing challenges when we need to set up user id for SAP consultant for troubleshooting for client's SAC application as we didn't have the required email id and every time we need to contact SAP development team for details. Also sometimes multiple SAP consultant working on the same request and due to security concern, they can't share the password. We raised our concern to the respective SAP development team to get the permanent solution on this. In the latest version of SAC, they have incorporated a feature through which SAP Support User ID can be created automatically.

In this section I will describe step-by-step process to create support id for SAP consultant.

Step 1: Login to SAC with Admin access

Step 2: Click on the "?" icon on the extreme right upper side. You will get to see a button called Create Support User

Step 3: Click on the Create Support User button and you will get a pop up for user creation. Click on the create button available in the pop-up

Step 4: Automatically user id with email id will be generated. You need to manually assign the role and save the user. The credential will be automatically sent to SAP through automated workflow.

This new feature provided by SAP is very intuitive and easy to manage support user. Make sure you should have admin access  to create the user id. Please let me know if you have any further queries on this in the comment section.
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