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CPI – Gmail SMTP Integration


  1. Download GMAIL certificate. GTS ROOT 1.

  2. Open

  3. Go to Security-> 2-way Authentication -> App Passwords.

  4. Give any of your choice name in app name (Prefer to use specific app name as you are connecting with CPI… Try CPI_Test)

  5. Copy the generated app password.

  6. Open your tenant.

  7. Go to Monitor -> Key Store.

  8. Add GMAIL Certificate with custom name.

  9. Click Add.

  10. Go to Monitor -> Security Materials.

  11. Click on create -> User Credentials.

In the password, enter the app password you copied.

  1. Deploy it.

You can use this Name in mail adaptor in any flow to trigger mail. The mail will send from the mail id you configure.


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