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Dear experts,

while upgrading a ERP 6.00 (without EHP) to HANA with EHP 7 using SUM DMO I was confronted with this error.

"To ensure a smooth operation, you have to perform the following changes to your profile /usr/sap/SID/SYS/profile/DEFAULT.PFL before continuing:

Buffers of your SAP system are not automatically validated. Change profile parameter "rdisp/bufrefmode" to contain "exeauto"."

So I went to RZ10, changed profile parameter to "exeauto" and tried to continue. But the error occured again, again, again...

After hours of changing profile, restarting instance, resetting and switching SUM directory, reboot of the machine, searching via Google in SCN and so on, I found SAP note 1953668, which tells you to set the parameter to "sendoff,exeauto"!!! (Read note 14754 when to use "sendon,exeauto" instead of "sendoff")

After that SUM continues.

I hope this info helps everyone, who is in this situation, too.

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