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1 Introduction

User security is configured per object as part of the object's property. Objects automatically inherit security settings from its parent folder. As such, if a user's or group's access level is configured on a folder, all containing subfolders and objects would inherit the same configuration. In addition, users also inherit rights from groups that they belong to. The user security of an object may be set in the CMC as follows:

   1.    Locate the target object in the CMC. For a folder or report object, select "Folders" from the Organize section of the home page or in the top left   drop-down menu.

2.     Right click the target object and click "User Security" in the menu.

3.     Click "Add Principals" to add a new user or group to the security setting.

•    Search for the user or group in the available users/groups list and click to add the user or group to the select list

•    Click "Add and Assign Security" to return to the User Security properties screen.

4.     Click "View Security" to see a list of assigned rights for each user and/or group (Note: each user and/or group automatically inherits the access level of its parent object, if available). Click "OK" to return to the User Security properties screen.

5.     To change the access level or rights of a user or group, select the user or group and click

"Assign Security".

6.     To assign an access level, which is a group of rights, select the level from the list of available access levels and click to assign.

7.     To assign individual rights, click "Add/Remove Rights" in the Advanced tab.

     a.     In the Add/Remove Rights screen, choose "Granted", "Denied", or "Not Specified" for rights that are to be set.

     b.     Click "Apply" to assign rights.

     c.     Click "OK" to return to the Assign Security screen.

8.     Click "OK" to return to the User Security properties screen.

9.     Repeat previous steps to assign security to other users or groups.

10.   Click "Close" to return to the CMC.

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