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In this Document I would like to explain how we can set dropdown values depend on user entered value(dropdown).

What I have done:

I created simple webdynpro view with table of 2 fields country and languages.  I set Country filed as DropDownByKey and language field as DropDownByIndex. To know the difference between this two types go through

So languages available depends on country selected .

I created table node and bind it to table value.In table node I created another node which has attribute 'LAN' which holds the language as shown below.

I added button Add to add row (Editable) to table

For country I created data element  with domain YSR_COUN with fixed values.

I assigned ON_COUN action to event onSelect  of country.

onSelect event has following Event parameters


Get the context element where country selected

Get the selected Country value from above context element

Get the language node from context element.

Set Languages depends on selected country

For India

For Canada

For America

Bind This values to Language Node

We can see Languages depend on selected country

Labels in this area