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Scenario : We have multiple transaction types  in use under quotations and reps who are using CRM wants to see one transaction type search data by default.

Multiple ways of doing way!

Step 1 : UI Component and View  -> BT115QS_SLSQ

Step 2 : BSP_WD_CMPWB - UI Component Workbench

Step 3 : Click on Enhance Component

Step 4 : Assign Enhancement Set -> Choose from drop down

Step 5 :  Name Application (Ex Z of Component)

Step 6 : Click  on Yes, when system confirms with pop up of (The BSP application does not exist. Do you want to create it?)

Step 7 : Click on Continue, when system confirms with pop up of Input of Runtime Repository Storage Location -> Page = Repository.xml

Step 8: System confirms with pop up of Workbench Request to add in TR

Step 9 : We assigned to Ehn Set and  Enhanced Component.

Step 10 : Transaction Code SM 34

-> Enter View Cluster : BSPWDVC_CMP_EXT

-> Display

-> Select Enhancement Set

-> Enhancement Definition - > Select Component Name -> Details

Note : No entries under Controller Substitutes

Step 11 : Go back to transaction code BSP_WD_CMPWB

->Enter component BT115QS_SLSQ - Display


->Select  view - BT115QS_SLSQ/SlsQuotSQ

->Right Click-> Enhance

->Class is not Z

Step 12 : System confirms with pop up of Workbench Request to add in TR

Step 13 : Assign Package or put it in Local Object if you don’t consider to move transport.

Step 14 : View color changes to Black and Class is in Z now..

Note: Repeat Step 10, you will find one entry under Controller Substitutes

Step 15 : Double click on Implementation Class ZL_BT115QS__SLSQUOTSQ_IMPL

->Uncheck Filter if it is Checked

Step 16 :

->Click on Edit

->Search Method  DO_PREPARE_OUTPUT

->Select and Click on Redefine

Step 17 : Next screen looks like this .

Step 18 : Copy Paste below code and change your Transaction Type

METHOD do_prepare_output.

* demo coding for prefilling a search attribute in the search UI

* the prefilling happens on the first time,

* the user can then also change the attribute in the UI later on

  DATA: lr_qs           TYPE REF TO cl_crm_bol_dquery_service,

        lr_search_node  TYPE REF TO cl_bsp_wd_context_node_asp,

        lr_col          TYPE REF TO if_bol_bo_col ,

        lr_iterator     TYPE REF TO if_bol_bo_col_iterator ,

        lr_param        TYPE REF TO if_bol_bo_property_access,

        ls_selection    TYPE genilt_selection_parameter,

        lv_low          TYPE string,

        lv_attr_name    TYPE name_komp ,

        lv_value_set    TYPE abap_bool .

* the attribute that shall be prefilled:

* note they have to be available in the search view configuration

* not necessarily as visible, but as available (in the ddlb)

  lv_attr_name = 'PROCESS_TYPE'. " for the Transaction Type filling

* the value for prefilling.

  lv_low = 'ZSAG' . "(Default only ZSAG on Search.)"

  IF iv_first_time EQ  abap_true.

* to initialize the search view.

    CALL METHOD super->do_prepare_output


        iv_first_time = iv_first_time.

* fetch the search node and its content.

    lr_qs = me->get_current_dquery( ).

    lr_col = lr_qs->get_selection_params( ).

* check the currently visible search attributes.

    lr_iterator = lr_col->get_iterator( ).

    lr_param    = lr_iterator->get_first( ).

    WHILE lr_param IS BOUND.

* get the parameters

      lr_param->get_properties( IMPORTING es_attributes = ls_selection ).

      IF ls_selection-attr_name = lv_attr_name .


        ls_selection-low = lv_low .

        CALL METHOD lr_param->set_properties


            is_attributes = ls_selection.

        lv_value_set = abap_true .



      lr_param = lr_iterator->get_next( ).


    IF lv_value_set EQ abap_false .

* it was not part of the visible attributes, then add it at the end.

      CALL METHOD lr_qs->add_selection_param


          iv_attr_name = lv_attr_name

          iv_sign      = 'I'

          iv_option    = 'EQ'

          iv_low       = lv_low.


* for a proper display of the added / changed attribute.

    lr_search_node = get_dquery_cnode( ).

    lr_search_node->build_parameter_tab( ).


* non first time call - just delegate to superclass.

    CALL METHOD super->do_prepare_output


        iv_first_time = iv_first_time.



Step 19 : Syntax Check, Save and Activate

Step 20 : Click on Back, now your method color is in Black.

If you click on filter,  method DO_PREPARE_OUTPUT also be shown because you added logic.

Test Result : Quotation Type is Set to ZSAG under Search->Quotations

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