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This is very simple to do. When I needed to do this, I searched scn and found some solutions but all where in terms of Javascript and other things..

I started thinking about the simple solution with my basic HTML knowledge. I am happy that I found a very simple way to do this and would like to share.

Step1) If you are new to logon page customisation, you can refer the below given link which explains the steps nicely:

Now you know how to customise logon page and run the project on server from step1. So, the next task is to put a background image for logon page.

Step2) put the image that you want as background in the layout folder. In my case the image name is bg3.jpg. better in the resolution is good (around 1350X600)

Step3) You need to change the logonPage.jsp for this, below is simple html (shown in bold) that I added to logonPage.jsp:

<%@ include file="/mobile/logonPageMobile.jsp" %>

<% } %>

<% if (!otherUiLoaded) {%>


    background = "<%=webpath%>layout/bg3.jpg" style=padding:5px;width:1350px;height:500px;border:1px;background-repeat:no-repeat;>

   </body> </html>

<table id="tblFrmUI" width="150px" valign="middle" dir="ltr" align="<%=uiFrameAllign%>" cellPadding="0" cellSpacing="0" style="background-color:#FFFFFF; <%=uiFrameTopMargin%>">

  <% if(uiFrameVisible){ %>

Step4) Save and run the project as you did in step1.

This would set the image bg3.jpg as background image in logon page.

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