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This piece is pretty standard and in my opinion, not really worthy of including in configuration, but because it's there, I wanted to touch on it.  All this piece does is allow you to set variant for transaction IW3M so you have default values and default fields shown if no other user settings override it.  Pretty easy, but here's what it is.

As soon as you select this configuration activity, you'll have 2 different options. 

Selection screen list display mode just sets the transport request.  That's it... 

Maintain field selection list pulls up the IW3M transaction.

Press Save

Now, just use the standard variant check marks to make the screen exactly what you want to show to everyone.  That's it.

I know, pretty boring for today, but it's SPRO, so I wanted to cover it.  Thanks for reading.

If you're interested in great tips and tricks on SAP service management, variant configuration or ABAP Development, check out my blog at:

There is also a link to some SAP Easy Buttons 😃

Thanks for reading,


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