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Today's is another easy little lesson.  This simple little piece of configuration is primarily used for reporting purposes.  The documentation says it's for statistical analysis.  The short story is that the LIS for PM uses this field. 

I like my consistency, so here is the path in SPRO to get here.

Now, you can see that for each order type you can tell the system what planning indicator should be defaulted:

Unplanned: this is the unknown stuff.  This would be your unexpected repairs, things break, and need fixing.

Immediate order: this unplanned, but high priority. 

Planned Order: this would be your regularly scheduled maintenance.  I would call this stuff anything generated by a maintenance plan.

Like I mentioned, pretty easy stuff, and to be honest, not real useful, but sometimes knowing what not to worry about is just as valuable as what you do you need to care about.

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There is also a link to some SAP Easy Buttons 😃

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