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This next lesson is near and dear to my heart as one of the more important, yet often overlooked pieces of Service Management configuration.  This simple piece controls so much, and to my surprise, much of it is turned off out of the box.  As you can tell from the title, there is a lot of settings in this one screen.  The best way to cover all of them is to jump right in.

As always, here where to find this piece in SPRO.

Like so many pieces in service management, each of these settings can be controlled at a plant/order level.  So pick your entry, and let's start scrolling across each of these fields, one by one.

MatStatChangDoc - Indicator: Status change document active for materials: Indicator which specifies that every change in the status of a material component is to be recorded in a document.

Increment:  This is simply the default operation increment.

OrdStChgDc: Order Status Change Doc - This collects change documents for any order status changes.  This is one of my personal favorites because it allows you to know when an order was changed from created to released, released to TECO, etc...

CollReqstn:  Use this flag if you want a collective purchase requisition for all the items that require a purchase req.

Res/PurRq:  This setting determines when the purchase req is created.  Never, After release or immediately.  Personally, I tend to go from (2), because I don't want a purchase req generated until the service order is released.

PDC active:  allows data to be exchanged with a PDC system.

Workflow: Indicator for purchase order change. 

Change Document:  This turns on the change documents for the service order.  Most fields can be tracked for any changes if you check this box.  One of the most powerful, in my opinion, because it allows you to see the history.  It also unlocks the full potential for Broadsword, which is near and dear to my heart :smile:

Net Order Price: Copy net price from requisition to purchase order.
OpStatChangDoc: Status change documents active for operations.  If you want to track down to the next level of status changes, check this box.
PRTStatChangDc:  Same as above, but down another level to the PRT.

There is so much power in these check boxes if you really want to track what is happening in your service orders.  In addition, it gives the possibility for true tracability in all of the major pieces of the service order.  If you haven't already, be sure to check this screen out in your system.

If you're interested in great tips and tricks on SAP service management, variant configuration or ABAP Development, check out my blog at:

There is also a link to some SAP Easy Buttons 😃

Thanks for reading,


CTO - JaveLLin Solutions, LLC

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