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Today I'm going to talk about a little used piece of configuration call Create Revisions.  This configuration is again a grouping field.  By that I mean that there is really no functionality behind this field aside from a field to search on.  With that being said, you do get the option to make the grouping, in this case the revision, a bit more specific to actually be valid for certain dates.  So let's get down to it.

Here's the location in SPRO.

Once you get into transaction you will likely see this screen (unless there is only 1 selection, then it will jump you straight to the next screen.  But if you're here, you can either view an existing revision or create a new revision.

Now here you can enter the planning plant, a unique revision and description for it.  Then give it a start and end date.  If you're in change mode, you can also click the RevCompleted check box if you no longer wish to have this a valid selection.  Otherwise, it's pretty self explanatory.

Finally, this is where you can actually assign the revision to a service order.

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There is also a link to some SAP Easy Buttons 😃

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