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Enterprises in virtually every industry, from healthcare to telecom, from financial services to the public sector, are increasingly aware of how much value lies in their data. They want to analyze data from across their organization to better understand their customers, improve product development and even predict outcomes. They are currently accumulating masses of data, collecting it from online sources that stream petabytes of data, or Internet of Things (IoT) devices that report every hour, every minute, every second. 

The Challenge – Reduce the time, effort and cost to get data into analysts' and researchers' hands.    

Extracting usable datasets requires deep data analytics skills. Right now, business analysts and researchers who want specific data line up to consult with a data scientist or DBA, but in many organizations requests exceed available resources. Wait times are increasing. Research gets delayed. Innovation is stymied.

The Solution PHEMI / SAP Self-Serve Portal

The PHEMI / SAP Self Serve Portal

  • Collects structured and unstructured data from a variety of sources
  • Curates this data for easy searching - automatically tags, catalogs and indexes data
  • Lets Data Scientists create virtual datamarts, and publish a Catalog of these datasets to let users know what data is available
  • Lets Data Stewards or DBAs define access policies to ensure privacy and confidentiality
  • Lets authorized SAP HANA and Lumira users point and click to select their own subsets of this data. They can join datasets, filter on their own criteria, and finally, send this data to SAP HANA

The Benefits

With the Self-Serve Data Portal from PHEMI and SAP, enterprises and research organizations can give their researchers, analysts, and data scientists Data on Demand.    And have the peace of mind that only the right people can see the right data at the right time. Instead of spending 70% of their time finding data and 30% analyzing it, researchers and analysts can get down to work. 

TCO drops.   Time to insight is reduced.   Innovation is accelerated.

Watch a video demo of the Self Serve Portal.

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