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In this Article, Readers get the idea about one of valuable Use Cases - sending Non-compliant SAP Reports by Email to Higher Authorities.

Problem Statement OR Business Challenge :

  • In Real Business Scenario, at times, Maintenance Planners need to send SAP Report(s) of pending Maintenance Tasks, by downloading from SAP and sending via Email, or sending through SAP Business Workplace. This is manual approach.

  • Another way, Maintenance Head/Plant Head needs to figure out Report from SAP, but, that may not be possible due to Time Windows they work in.

  • To help both Stakeholders, Automation can help saving Time, and for effective Communication.

Functionality of the Bot :

  • SAP iRPA Bot in this Scenario, can execute Reporting Transaction automatically, and send Report via Email, automatically.

  • Transaction used is IW39 – List of PM Orders (pending Status Checks)

  • The best part here is - Reporting Transaction is set with Dynamic Variant in SAP, starting with U_*, that puts Dynamic Dates Period, of Current Month whenever Transaction is executed. Variant Parameters – Dynamic Dates, pending Status Checkboxes, Business Department Name(s).

  • So, execution of IW39 will always give Non-compliance/pending Orders Report for the respective Month it is executed in.

  • Further to make this more effective, the Bot can be scheduled fortnightly – 15th of every Month, and 30th of every Month. So, it can send periodically, twice, Non-compliance Reports, via Email.

Benefits of the Bot :

  • Stakeholders like Maintenance Planners need not figure out Reports manually and send via Email. This is Time-savvy when blend with such other Automated Tasks.

  • Stakeholders like Maintenance Head/Plant Head need not log into SAP and figure out Report manually. They get it twice in a month, fortnightly. This is also Time-savvy when blend with such other Automated Tasks.

  • Also, this is effective way of Communication Operations, which is logged by System with exact Time Instants of Reporting.

  • Also, this is Error-Free, with logically set Parameters, which need not to be defined every Time, Transaction gets executed.

Process - Flow Diagram


Workflow Design



  1. “Saplogon.exe” Program is invoked by Activity “Start” under Application Option. 

  2. Relevant System is selected from Logon Pad and Login Screen is launched. 

  3. Credentials are passed to the following Screen, with “Set” Activities set up on the captured page. 

  4. T Code IW39 – List Display of PM Orders is executed. This particular T Code is set with default User Variant, which is Dynamic Variant that selects pending/non-compliance Orders of Current Month, whichever it is as on date. So, execution of Report gives Non-compliance Report of Current Month. 

  5. Triggering SAP Business Workplace from Menu on the Report Screen – List -> Save-> Office, presents Text to edit and Recipient E-mail Address(s) fields to be filled in by the Bot. We need to navigate to the selected Menu Item Variable and Click it via Bot. 

  6. Final Step, Bot clicks the “Send” Button on captured page, and E-mail is sent to the Recipient. 


Email in Spool that was sent


Final Output Display

** This Output can be customized by setting Proper Variant and Layout in SAP System itself, so as to suffice Business Requirement.

In this, Article, User can have learnt, setting a Dynamic Variant, so as to send latest as on date Reports. It can be scheduled, may be Twice a Month, depending on Case to Case.
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