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  1. Requirement


We want to fetch the data from a Data Target - Cube and send it to the receiver system through IDOC.So we have filter the require fields from the Cube which we want and created a Customise ABAP program which has a selection criteria. Base on the selection criteria, data gets passed to an internal table and then get formatted into IDOC segment type .IDOC is been created with help of FM - MASTER_IDOC_DISTRIBUTE by passing master IDOC control (Sender and Receiver information), master IDOC Data contain data which has to pass and communication IDOC Control  in which IDOC no. is been created.


  1. Preparation

a)      Creation of IDOC Type - ZFIN_FIGLMAP

          Using Tcode – WE30 we can create an IDOC Type with a Development Object (Basic Type)



b)      Message Type - ZBD_JUP_ACORN_MSG

     Using Tcode – WE81 we can create a Message Type.    


c)      Segment Type

            Using Tcode – WE31 we can create a Segment Type. It is nothing but the field structure or format to pass the data. Three segment type has    been created as per the requirement


                                1.      ZFI_ACORN_HDR





1.                              2.      ZFI_ACORN_ITM



1.                              3.      ZFI_ACORN_TLR  




d)      Assigning IDOC Type to Message Type

            Using Tcode – WE82 we assign Message Type to IDOC Type.



e)      Partner Profile Creation - ACORN

           Using Tcode – We20 we can create Partner no.(ACORN) and Partner Type(LS). In this we are assigning message type to outbound parameter.


3.    Fetching the data :

            In ACRON interface the data is been fetch from the Cube (cube_test1) as a source. We are using only those fields which are used for ACRON interface.  

4.    Selection Criteria :

    We are using Fiscal year/Period, Acorn GL code and Company Code (Mandatory). Based on these selection criteria the data gets fetch from the cube and then IDOC is been created with the define records as in Packet Size.


5.    Execution Process

When the program is been executed with the selection criteria the following 2 pop up screen will be process


        a) Below screen pop up when IDOC has been selected and process at the port successfully which is done by using SUBMIT with program name via selection screen ( which will the IDOC no. Generated by using FM MASTER_IDOC_DISTRIBUTE )


                           seltab_wa-selname = 'DOCNUM'.
                           seltab_wa-sign    = 'I'.
                           seltab_wa-option  = 'EQ'.
                           seltab_wa-low     = gen_idoc-docnum.
                           append seltab_wa to seltab.

                           submit  RSEOUT00 AND RETURN with selection-table seltab.


        b) Display the number of an IDOC which has been created using


                    CONCATENATE gen_idoc-docnum 'IDOC has been Generated' INTO gen_message SEPARATED BY space.


                    MESSAGE gen_message TYPE 'I'.



            We can view the IDOC with Transaction code WE05 and in that please give the IDOC no. and execute as shown below


             In the following 3 screen’s shot data gets populated in Header, Details and Footer Segment Type with Status 03 (Data passed to port OK). On the right  hand side of each screen we can see the Fields names and Field contents.


    Total no of records are 9. Details segment Type contain 7 records with one header and one footer record common for all.


                  a) Header Data


                  b) Details Data


                  c) Footer Data




Now these data been import or pull at receiver side through SAP or Non SAP System.

6.    Program Logic

Step1: Create an Internal table for only those fields which we want from the Source Cube and then used below FM to read data from Cube

      i_infoprov             =
      i_th_sfc               = lt_ch
      i_th_sfk               = lt_kf
      i_packagesize          = lv_packet
      i_t_range              = lt_sel
      e_t_data               = lt_data
      e_end_of_data          = lv_end_of_data

Exporting Parameters

i_th_sfc is the Field Catalog for Charateristics Fields for which  we have to fetch the data from the Cube

    e.g. CLEAR lw_ch.
     lw_ch-chanm       =  
     lw_ch-chaalias    =  
     lw_ch-orderby     =  
INSERT lw_ch INTO TABLE lt_ch.             


i_th_sfk is the Field Catalog for Key Figure Fields for which  we have to fetch the data from the Cube


    e.g. CLEAR lw_kf.
     lw_kf-kyfnm    =
     lw_kf-kyfalias =
     lw_kf-aggr     =
INSERT lw_kf INTO TABLE lt_kf.

i_packagesize is packet size to fetch no. of records


i_t_range is selection criteria for the cube


  READ TABLE so_ccode   INDEX 1.
CLEAR lw_sel.
  lw_sel-chanm    =
  lw_sel-sign     =
  lw_sel-compop   =
  lw_sel-low      = so_ccode-low.
APPEND lw_sel TO lt_sel.             

Importing Parameters

e_t_data contains the data of cube in the required internal table as define.

e_end_of_data This parameter indicates whether the data package returned to       E_T_DATA.E_T_DATA is the last one.

Step  2:   Now we can create IDOC Control and as well as divided the data as we have to send it through IDOC, based on three segment type Header (ZFI_ACORN_HDR), Details (ZFI_ACORN_ITM) and Footer (ZFI_ACORN_TLR) as shown in figure 2 (c). So based on these three segment type we have created 3 internal tables as header table, Details table and Footer table.

IDOC Control

  p_edidc-sndpor =
'SAPRD7'.   " Port
  p_edidc-sndprt =
'LS'.       " Partner type
  p_edidc-sndprn =
'RD7-300'" Partner number* Receiver
  p_edidc-rcvpor =
'DER010'.   " Port
  p_edidc-rcvprn =
'INTETR'.   " Partner number
  p_edidc-rcvprt =
'LS'.     " Partner type

IDOC Control contains sender and receiver information

   Header - ZFI_ACORN_HDR

wa_acorn_copa_header-identifier  = 'HDR'.
  wa_acorn_copa_header-zz_ic_intid =
  wa_acorn_copa_header-blart =
  wa_acorn_copa_header-bukrs  = so_ccode-low.
  wa_acorn_copa_header-bldat =
  wa_acorn_copa_header-budat =

  APPEND wa_acorn_copa_header TO i_acorn_copa_header.

LOOP AT i_acorn_copa_header INTO wa_acorn_copa_header.
    wa_idc_data-segnam  =
MOVE wa_acorn_copa_header TO wa_idc_data-sdata.
APPEND wa_idc_data TO idc_data.

   We have appended Segment type header into idc_data internal table with data.


LOOP AT lt_data INTO lw_data..

wa_idc_data-segnam  = 'ZFI_ACORN_ITM'.

wa_acorn_copa_details-acnidentifier = 'DET'.move lw_data-post_key to wa_acorn_copa_details-acnnewbs.move lw_data-/bic/zacrnglcd to wa_acorn_copa_details-acnnewko.move lw_data-/bic/zacrbrand to wa_acorn_copa_details-acnrke_wwbrd.MOVE lw_data-/bic/zacrnpctr TO wa_acorn_copa_details-acnprctr.

MOVE wa_acorn_copa_details TO wa_idc_data-sdata.

APPEND wa_idc_data TO idc_data.


   We have appended Segment type  Details into idc_data internal table with data.


wa_acorn_copa_footer-identifier = 'FTR'.
wa_acorn_copa_footer-totnorec = lines_count.

INTO wa_idc_data-sdata RESPECTING BLANKS.

APPEND wa_idc_data TO idc_data


   We have appended Segment type Footer into idc_data internal table with data.

Step 3: we have used FM – MASTER_IDOC_DISTRIBUTE to create and IDOC passing as an input parameter as IDOC Control (master_idoc_control) and  IDC Data (master_idoc_data ). IDOC no. is generated in communication_idoc_control table which we can view in WE05 Tcode as shown in figure for Execution Process (5) above.

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