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We always use a send mail step to notify users of whether the document is approved or released. I was thinking of a way to not use this send mail step and finally I found a way to use Notification tab of activity step(Ideally a decision task).

Please mention the expression as a container element. I am using Workflow initiator

Now go to the task Decsription.Make sure you change the Completion text.

Now for each decision branch workflow assigns a unique value in the Task Container element WI_RESULT. We took the help of the below values to frame our Task decsription. Also this value is useful in order to make use of same send mail step across different email step

No lets test.

Now lets approve in the below decision

Now we will reject another task

Check the notification.

This feature was always there and I came to know when I was asked by an enthusiastic Trainee what is the use of this tab and made me think out of the box. On an average you will save atleast 1 step in your workflow design.

Workflow log shows the notification delivered for audit

Here is the notification that was sent



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