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It is good to hear that Mobile 5.1 for iOS is available today from iTunes.

Now we can view the SAP BusinessObjects Lumira Cloud storyboards on "Mobi" as shown below and as I talk about here Exploring BI Tutorial Views with Lumira Cloud:

The above story board shows views of tutorials on SCN on Lumira Cloud.  I am viewing it on Mobile BI 5.1

I can use the input controls on the right to see specific product pages views.  Above I selected BI for BW.  You can see 2013 has many more views than in 2012.

Easily the advantage of have "MobI" with Lumira Cloud is the standard tool bar shown above and annotations.

The above shows another storyboard on Lumira Cloud

The above is an input control where I've selected views on YouTube.

I recommend checking out Lumira Cloud with Mobile BI 5.1 when you can.  At first blush the storyboards appear better in landscape mode than portrait.

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