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I heard about Mocana when SAP partnered with them few months back. And I got a real time mobile app wrapping demo at SAP Teched. The simplicity of the solution in securing enterprise mobile app made me think about it again.So I wrote to Mocana for a free trial, but the reply was disappointing,

" Unfortunately, we are currently not providing MAP Free 100 Program outside of North America" Ahh..

And the good news is that SAP is providing the Mocana trial, lets see how it works.

Mocana Solution simplifies wide-scale deployments by securing apps automatically, it mitigates the complexities of mobile management, while freeing developers from lengthy and expensive security coding. Setting AppPassword, Invalid Login Handling, End user License agreement, Location based control, Encrypted app data storage are major features that we can implement in a mobile app without writing single line of code. Upload, Apply and Download are the steps to do it.

Upload APK File

After Logging into the trial account upload the APK file of the application developed by the mobile app developers.

Apply the Policies

Select the drop down to apply the Passphrase, Invalid Login Handling and End user agreement policies and click on Apply Policy button. The policies will be applied in few seconds and the APK file will be downloadable.

Download the APK

Click on the download button to download the APK file that has the policies with it. Once APK file is downloaded install it in an Android device and run it, to see how the policies are applied and how the app was secured in few clicks. The app take us through auto generated security screens like user agreement screen and app password screen. In the demo I am testing the app data wipe out feature of the product.


  • The Passphrase and Invalid Login Handling - It exists in SAP Mobile Platform, it is called DataVault (the developers has to write few lines of code to make it work).
  • Encrypted Data at Rest - Apps developed using SMP has encrypted data, Afaria can provide complete device data encryption too.
  • End User Agreement - I don't think this as a big feature since bringing a user agreement screen is not a big deal for mobile app developers.
  • Email Enforcement - Afaria provides more options in Email configurations and security.
  • Other features like Geo Fencing, Location Masking, Smart Firewall, App Expiration Date Settings, Copy Paste Protection and Jailbreak/Rooting Detection makes a difference. Existing SMP and Afaria customers have to think before going with Mocana, how worth it will be to the enterprise and what more it can give that is not provided by SMP and Afaria (even MAM is different from MDM). From a implementation stand point Mocana is very simple and straight forward with no hurdles.

You can try the solution here, SAP Mobile Secure – Protection for Devices, Apps, and Content

Midhun VP


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