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Hello Techies,

I am a newbie in writing documents so hopefully if I have made any mistake in my post I am sure you guys will always guide me through in improving. I have been regularly coming across situations where I have been asked if we should go with Breaks or the Sections also what are the differences among them.

So first I would like to show that how the data is different in a Break and in a Section. Lets say I have a sample data as below.


Now First I will create a Break on Region and will try to show the Sum on the based on each Region on it. The formula that I will be using to demonstrate difference between Break and Section will be

=Sum([Revenue]) In Block

Now when I notice the sum on each Region Footer with above code in Break (i.e. 510700) it shows me the total of revenue in the entire Table as shown in Capture1.JPG.

Similarly when you see the sum of each Region Footer with the same code in Segment(i.e. 180600 for Region "0001", 166100 for region "0003" and 164000 for region "0003") it shows me the total of revenue broken by Region as shown in Capture2.JPG.

So based on above analysis we can say that when we deal with Breaks it treats the Table as Single block whereas when we go with Section it creates multiple Blocks.

Apart from that Section allows you to have a navigation and gets exported as bookmarks so gives you a great flexibility to navigate over a large report which you cannot do having Breaks.

Hope my document will help you in understanding Breaks and Sections to an extent.



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