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First, SAP's Antoine Chabert posted this in a blog comment:

"Connect to SAP Business Warehouse

i) When acquiring data from a SAP Business Warehouse system, only Visualize tab is available. Prepare, Compose, Predict and Share tab features are not available.

ii) SSO Support in 64bit is restricted to SAP Secure Login Client SSO

Release restrictions are also available from our help page SAP Lumira – SAP Help Portal Page:

Second, I am seeing a lot of comments about not being able to see the BW system when connecting to Lumira Desktop 1.17.  This is a "guess" on my part but perhaps the BW system is not listed in the SAPLOGON.INI which is usually on the users' local drive.  My SAPLOGON.INI file is populated because that is required if you are connecting to ERP/BW systems using Crystal Reports 2013.

Lumira 1.17 connects to the BW InfoProvider:

But you see of course that the InfoProvider only brings back aggregates.  Your first choice should be connecting to the BEx query.  Where would connecting to the BW InfoProvider be useful?  Maybe with the new numbers only visualization?  See below:

You can see Lumira will support the date ranges from the BEx query below:

Why connect to the BEX Query?

You want to connect to the BEx Query because it provides support for your BEx query's calculated key figures as shown above (Balance is a calculation of budget minus actuals)

Also see how Lumira supports hierarchical prompts from the BEx query:

The latest download can be obtained from SAP Lumira (64 bit)


Lumira Desktop 1.17 - A First Look at BEx Query

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