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Of course I am quoting the old Cole Porter song, "I happen to like New York"

If you haven't heard it, listen to this on YouTube

Today I attended the second annual SAP Inside Track in New York City.  Every session was great and we had a variety of topics which I will try to summarize below.

marilyn.pratt and ali.samieivafa manned the Adobe Connect sessions  - thank you.  Marilyn is pictured above setting things up.

derek.loranca started things off by welcoming everyone.

paul.aschmannpictured above, made Gateway on mobile sound easy.  His slides contain resources and a life cycle of how to do a Gateway mobile project.  He showed us an application from a manufacturing side and how he gathers requirements, design, and handles development.  A good discussion ensued about native mobile application development.

john.astill gave a great session Developer Center which has free materials available on SCN.  He talked about the Paul Dissected - Part 1 and Rumbling on HANA to the aid of Diabetics

He demonstrated the diabetic application which uses HANA and mobile and helps diabetics manage the impacts of what they eat.

He also discussed the second event he is attending this weekend Young Rewired State Open Data and HANA access for attendees

Next oddss gave us a background on SCN gamification and how the engagement of the community has changed since the April launch.  Over 53K badges have been earned and engagement has increased by 400% since the launch.

gregory.misiorek discussed SCN Wiki's (I failed to get a picture of him) and how he uses it as documentation. 

peter.mcnulty discussed Operational Process Intelligence on SAP HANA.  This product is in ramp-up now with 16 customers and is expected to go GA in July.

The final session was by David Parker, VP of Data Warehousing Solution Management at SAP.  He gave a presentation on one of "SAP's hidden gems" - Sybase ESP.  You can visit this space SAP Sybase ESP Developer Center

Everyone in attendance was impressed by his knowledge of the financial services industry, the Sybase line of products, and how they will / do work with HANA.

You can watch him in this video included in this blog Database Talk at TDWI in Las Vegas

Lastly, I pulled together Animoto - SAP Inside Track New York City


Thank you Derek, Marilyn, Paul, John, Greg, Audrey, Peter, and David for everything - lastly thank you Ali and mark.finnern for their support and help.  Finally thank you SAP Press for always sponsoring SAP Inside Tracks - follow them on twitter at @SAPPRESS

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