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I'm sure a majority of SAP PI/PO developer/support resources, if not all of them, would have found themselves in a need to search the Integration Directory for the communication channels that share a common attribute or a parameter.

For an example, it is not very uncommon to find out all the file communication channels that use the same Source or Target Directory or finding out the list of all channels that the same JDBC URL.

Or you might want to know all the communication channels that use the same FTP User account or the likes.

Well, I have found myself in such a situation in one of my recent projects. I could not find a lot of help in the SCN for this particular issue and hence wanted to

share my experience of using the "Search Tool" in Integration Builder, with fellow developers.

Here is a step by step guide to use the tool.

1) Launch the Integration Directory and click on the "Find" button in the application tool bar (Just below the menu bar).

2) Click the button named "Extended" to launch the following screen.

3) Click the "+" button and select the attribute "Adapter Type" from the list box.

4) Go to the Value1 field in the line that says "Adapter Type" and click the value help button to launch the following pop-up.

5) Click the Value help across the Adapter Type section and select the appropriate adapter type ( I have chosen File adapter for demonstration purposes).

6) Upon selection of Adapter Type, go ahead and select the value help across "Attribute Name" and Click the "Apply" button. I have selected the attribute named "Source Directory".

7) Provide the actual vale of the Source Directory, for which you want to search for and click OK and the click "Search".

You should see the list of all File adapter that share the common attribute (In this case , the same Source Directory).

I hope this small trick would be helpful for the SAP PI/PO developer community.

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