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Dear SCN Members, I've spend sometime using our new SCN after the migraton to S/4 Hana plataform, and I really don´t like the Search tool that we have in the SCN. Maybe they will improve or not, I don´t know... anyway it´s better to find discussion and blogs included the archived questions using the Google search than the SCN Search.

In my opinion, this one of the main reasons why many SCN members tend to post a new discussoin than search for existing Q&A's in our SCN...

Because of this, I would like to share the way that I use to find what I am looking for about SAP.


Searching with SAP Support Portal

The SAP Support Portal have a good search tool which will not only look for SCN posts, but it will look for SAP Notes, SAP Knowledge Base Articles, SAP Community content and more.

There is not better way to share some knowledge than using an example. So I will search for the most knowed error message that we have in SAP CO Module lol: Account XXXXXXXXX requires an assignment to a CO object


The SAP One Support will search in the Knowledge Base of the SAP which include:

  • SAP Notes & KBAs

  • SAP Community

  • SAP Community Wiki

  • SAP Support Portal

  • SAP Help Portal

  • SuccessFactors Community

  • Guided Answers

This is amazing.

Let´s look on the result of this search:

By default the search result will bring the Notes and KBA's but you can go thru the other search bases:


The SAP Community is our SCN search result:



So, with a single search tag we had results from many SAP KDB plataforms, Notes, KDA's, Help Portal, our SCN...

I think that all SCN members should know about this and search in the SAP Support Portal before open a discussion.


Related Blogs and Q&A's that may be useful:


That is it !!!

Best regards,

Gabriel Coleti

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