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This is the Q&A (as I heard it) from yesterday's SAP community call with thomas.reiss

I think he answered 30 questions, some of which are shown below.  Good questions

Q: Do you have any views on the use of white space? Some users like this, others prefer more information density. Guess it also varies by what the user is doing and which device they are using. How do you manage this?
A: With Fiori, made it responsive, so you have more space
Doing end user research, power users want more information on screen, depends on use case
Finance - S/4HANA - compressed lines, not much white space
Work on this in Fiori

Q: Do you see a role for embedded chat as pull things together - thinking of things like MS Teams and Slack
A: With S/4HANA have copilot - NLG - being reengineered now
Looking at integration with Teams

Q: What's the advantage of many systems that feel like a single system over a single system?
A: A: from architecture, speed of innovation,
In the 90's, had R/3
Business wants advanced applications, best of breed products
Now have cloud solution
A balance between speed of innovation

Q: There are still some SAP Gui type transactions like SAP IGS Screens which are not Fiorized and not available via SAP Gui for HTML. What is SAP's direction in this?
A: Investing in SAP Gui for HTML, update value help so classic ui's same as Fiori
If transaction uses ActiveX, can't run in browser

Q: Does this integration strategy and synchronization apply on to cloud products or on-premise as well?
A: Applies to on premise as well

Q: Workzone or Central portal - which way should we move in greenfield scenario?
A: Not an either or, if you have Launchpad Service in cloud, and want more than that, can go for Work Zone which includes the Launchpad service

Q: Is SAP planning to prepare some micro learnings on changes or leave it to SI's to educate users on new experience?
A: Yes, have micro learnings today for spaces and pages and planning a Fiori Elements course on open SAP soon

Q: What is the direction to replace standard ALV Gui reports to Analytical or Fiori reports?
A: doing it on a case by case basis, doing it based on user research
Integrating with SAC
This is a multi year journey

Q: Any plans for Fiori 4 and of course Gui - Fiori for Create PO/Sales order from Gui?
A: full blown getting Fiori 3 design done, with AI, and having cards on the screens
Working on Mobile start app for mobile users
Released new app for Sales Order, increasing scope for that

Q: SAP Task Center, is going to replace My Inbox (2.0) and isn't it adding to the wide range of already available inbox options? What's the usage scenario?
A: usage of Task Center, if you have to work in more than one system, not want to logon to multiple systems
Task Center runs in cloud, collects from other systems in one place

Q: What's the SAP recommended go to front end technology for implementing Fiori Design Guidelines? UI5, Angular, React, etc.?
A: if starting from scratch, use UI5, Fiori Elements, develop with VS or BAS
UI5 is framework with controls with design guidelines out of the box and accessibility, R to L support, globalization, integration to search

Q: It is very difficult for users to distinguish between different FLP's in a system landscape because they all look alike at least if the customer wants to stay with the standard theme. Will there be an easy way to for example display the System ID in the shell bar?
A: looking at how provide this system information, may not be in the shell bar

Q: Like inbox with MS Outlook any plans for gSuite / gmail integration?
A: not planned at the moment, looking at general office integration

Q: How many years until Fiori 3 is feature complete?
A: next year, close, powerful conversational user experience, hype around that
Might take longer for that

Q: As Fiori is getting more and more complex, how is the speed of application developing?
A: improving performance

Q: Are there already 3rd party products that can be integrated into the SAP Launchpad service?
A: today can do a manual integration
Plan to have API's to support content federation

Q: Similar to SAP Gui for HTML, is there a way to open existing SAP gui T-codes via the Fiori Launchpad until the time we get all Fiorized (we could do this in the Enterprise portal)
A: Yes, you can enter T-code to find application
Working on provider starter apps and provide shortcut for a Fiori app

Q: Are there any good user friendly tools like XD or Sketch to design wireframe, with ready dummy components...SAP Fiori specific only.
A: provide stencils

Q: Can we use VS code to develop Fiori Apps based on the RAP model for on premise HANA?
A: yes, recommend RAP for on premise

Q: Is there any analytics solution for FLP usage? E.g. most used apps
A: Yes, have Early Watch Service, available on the launchpad

Q: Which tool do you suggest for use for design mockups? will stop soon
A: Figma is popular

Q: Is there any decision matrix or flow diagram as to when to use Fiori elements and when to choose Freestyle applications?
A: look at material on community on Fiori elements
Planning later this year, new openSAP course on Fiori Elements

Q: How to open multiple screens in Fiori Launchpad like /O option in SAP Gui
A: Right click mouse, open new tab and window

Planned innovations (subject to change):

Source: SAP

Target - access to all information in one place with seamless navigation

Task center - users access to all their work items in one place

Key Takeaways:

Source: SAP



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