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There are a few ways to supervise error messages occurred in SCPI. The recommended way is via Solution Manager. What if you do not have a SolMan?

Here is a cheap and simple way.

1. Download the SCPI iFlow


2. Import the iflow into your package

it will be like this.


3. Prepare for these information

Image1 Company Logo if haven't, replaced by a blank image
Image2 Company slogon logo if haven't, replaced by a blank image
Mail Server Address could be either on the internet or via HANA cloud connector Mandatory
CPI Credential username/password maintained in CPI Mandatory
CPI talent URL A URL in form of https://<talent id> Mandatory
Email From the virtual sender email address Mandatory
Email To The alert notification receiver Mandatory
Company Address Used in the alert signature Optional, if multiple lines, please separated with <br/>
Company Website Used in the alert signature Optional


4. Convert Image into base64 string

there are quite a few websites providing free online service. this is the one I am using:

drag and drop the image


you will get a string starting with 'data:image/png;base64'. click button to copy the string


5. fill the base64 strings of two images files into iflow configuration respectively.

6. Fill up rest of the configurations to the iFlow

Here is an example of mine.


7. Once it has been scheduled, you will receive a mail notification for all of the error messages occurred with in last 24 hours like this.


when the hyper link has been clicked, you can view the techncial log of that perticular error message as below


8. configurations on the mail body

this is how the configured information has been mapped to the mail body receivd.




  1. Download the template

2.  Fill up the parameters and that's it.
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