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  • If you are on Lumira Designer 2.0 SP02, please download updated open source extensions here.

  • If you have a new problem starting in Lumira Designer 2.0 SP02 with the components, report them on GitHub Issues here.

  • If you are on Design Studio 1.6, you can continue to use your old download link (referenced below.)


Now that Lumira Designer 2.0 SP02 is GA, some of you may be trying to install the older SCN Design Studio 1.6 SDK Components that you were using in Design Studio.  For the most part, these are technically compatible without any effort.  However, there are now some subtle changes to the BI Action Language engine that have broken some things.  While I tested as much as I could during earlier betas, it is a big job to do, so inevitably I've missed some things.  I'm happy to correct anything that has been missed in Lumira Designer 2.0 going forward.

What's Been Going On?

It's been a quiet year around SCN.  I've not been as motivated to release any new features because of the looming 2.0 release, and wanting to avoid any potential additional regression/rework.  I've had some amount of "writer's block" where I've not been able to think of something new to throw together.  Also, being a Dad takes more time as kids get older.  Also I've been playing too much Overwatch 🙂

Fellow SDKer karol.kalisz has been a major contributor to the existing SDK content, however as time goes on, our priorities, roles, personal interests and professional assignments change.  As a result, he's been also noticeably absent lately.

Since Karol has previously been key in ensuring that releases do not wither into too much disrepair, it's critical that someone carry the torch to not leave anyone high and dry with Lumira Designer 2.0 regressions.

For this reason, some housekeeping changes are in order, that I am going to take on and will mention below.


  • New Download Link

    Instead of trying to maintain one package that can support Design Studio 1.6 and Lumira Designer 2.0, as well as just making a "clean break" in some ways from the old branding name, we have a new download link for Lumira Designer 2.0:

    Download Link

    This new download package will free us up to operate with any future SDK enhancements as a logical break from the 1.x designs.

    (Note, all extensions you had in 1.6 are still available, and will be maintained here, not the old download.)

  • Help, something stopped working in Lumira Designer 2.0!

    You're almost in the right place!  Please log any bugs in the Issues page on GitHub.  It's a better way to track issues than in blog comments on SCN.

    GitHub Issues

  • Help, I don't know what Component X does!

    Please place a comment below!  Someone else might have the same question!

If you are not an SDK developer, you need not read further, the rest of this blog is now about some technical source code changes.

New Source Code Repository

For those of you who want the Eclipse Source Code projects, I've also set up a new GitHub Repository here:

For reference, the old source code repository was here:

The old repository will remain as-is and meant for Design Studio 1.6 only.  All new development and source code will be published in the new repository 'lumiradesignercommunityext_src'
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