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This document will guide through the steps involved in back ground scheduling of all FI-CA related delta extraction.

Introduction to FI-CA flow:

There are 3 main areas in FI-CA, Invoicing, Posting and Payment. Below is a small diagram illustrating the overall data flow of the SD & FI-CA, FI-CO.

Explanation above illustration:

After SD billing has taken into place then the document created is Invoice. When Invoice is saved at the same time Posting document is also generated. Invoice is related to AR accounting where as Posting is related to GL Accounting.

Then afterwards when customer does the payment then Payment document is generated when payment is done via payment run or payment transaction (FPCJ, Cash journal, T-code).

BW Part:

As highlighted in red box in the above screen, I will go through extractors which are used for FI-CA data extraction.

Below are the extractors for each area:

  1. Invoice – 0FC_INVDOC_00 (FICA Extraction of Invoicing Document Data)

  2. Posting - 0FC_BP_ITEMS (FI-CA Business Partner Items) or 0FC_CI_01 (FICA Cleared Items for Interval) or 0FC_OP_01 (FI-CA Open Items at Key Date)

  3. Payment - 0FC_PAY (Payments)

Manual extraction of the FI-CA data into Delta Queue:

Below are the t-codes to extract delta/Init data into delta queue, manually.

Invoice –

  1. FKKINV_BW_MON (Analysis of BI Extraction Orders):: To monitor the records and simulation of Invoicing Extraction

  2. FKKINV_BW_MA (BI Extraction of Invoicing Documents):: To extract data into Delta queue

Posting –

  1. FPBW (BW Extraction of Open Items):: to extract Open BP Line Items

  2. FPCIBW (BW Extraction of Cleared Items):: to extract Cleared BP Line Items

  3. FPOP (Update of BP Delta Queue):: to extract BP Line items either Open or Cleared

Payment –

  1. FPCIBW (Update  Delta Queue):: to extract Payment Delta records (check the Payments tick box)

Delta Extraction:

Unfortunately all the above t-codes doesn’t have a functionality to schedule a background (batch) job to extract delta records, respectively.

1st Option::

In order to schedule the delta extractors we have an common t-code, FPSCHEDULER.

Before scheduling jobs in FPSCHEDULER we have to do 1 manual run to get the details for date of run and identification.


  1. Select “Mass Activity Type”accordingly for each area as below;

BWOP – BP Line Items

2620 – Invoice

BWET – Payment

  1. Date ID & Identification – Need to pick up from old runs.


In the Program menu, Execute in background.

Select Output Device as LP01 or LOCL.

After selecting the output device, select your schedule start time and Period values (frequency) accordingly. Accessing the below screen is as general scheduling screen.


After saving the above schedule, you can check the Batch jobs in SM37. Job names will be created as below.

2nd Option::

Another option in scheduler the jobs.

Go to SE38 (ABAP Program) t-code, give the program name as “RFKK_MA_SCHEDULER” then you can create as many variant as you can for respective areas.


Variant Values provided as:

Based on the above 2 options we can do scheduling (batch job) for FI-CA related extractors.


Please provide your valuable feedback on the above guide.


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