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In this blog, I am going to discuss about the topic how we will use the feature Scheduled Publication of SAP Analytics Cloud.

After developing Story, we can publish the story to particular set of user and the user will get the story reports/Dashboard on the particular time via email. The publish story can be published in PDF or PPT format as per the latest SAC version.

Pre requisite to enable Scheduled Publication :

  1. Go to System Administration  . Go to System Configuration tab and enable Schedule Publication tab.


Scheduled publication need one of the two prerequisite -

A. Either we need to be activate SSO login from SAC  with the service provider(BW/4HANA,BW/BI,HANA etc.) so that they in the time of publication it the story can fetch the data from the backend system. I describe the SSO enablement in one of my blog.

SAP Analytics cloud : Implementing SSO with BW/4 HANA Live connection, Azure AD as IDP

B. Or using SAP Cloud Connector. Today I will discuss this how to enable cloud connector and using schedule publication schedule a Story.

A. Check if your SAC host hosted in  NON SAP Data center or not. -

  • If there is one digit after the region then hosted data center is SAP Data Center otherwise if two digit after the region then NON SAP data center.

Our host id is - and hosted in NON SAP datacenter. for our data center we will follow the below steps.


## Steps:

1. After connecting to SAP Analytics Cloud go to “System > Administration" from the "Main Menu".

2. Click "Datasource Configuration" and edit it.

3. Enter an e-mail address that is associated with an S-User.

4. Click "Add S-User" and Save it.

5. Install the Installing the SAP Cloud Connector. Follow the below steps for installation -Download or locate an existing SAP JVM from the below URL – SAP Cloud Connector Downloader .

  • Unzip the downloaded file into C:\SAP JVM\sapjvm_8 and install it using environment variable JAVA_HOME .                                          

6. Set up initial configuration Requirement:  The setup connection parameter will be completed using the  following fields -

  • Region Host:  For our case it is 

  • Subaccount: Update if it not updated in the tenant.

  • Subaccount User: update with S-User ID

  • Password: S-User password

  • Location ID: Leave empty to use the default location, or add the ID of the location you set in SAP Analytics Cloud.

7. Set up Connection Parameters process. A. Log into the Cloud connector using the following URL - https://<your machine hostname where cloud connector installed>:<port>.

B. Fill the details connection parameter : use the previous the step fields to fill up.


C.  Configuring HTTP Proxy Setting (Not Mandatory) : If proxy change is required in your scenario ,go to the Cloud tab, section HTTPS Proxy. Proxy servers require credentials for authentication. Provide your user/password information.



8. Connection configuration  to SAP SAC Prerequisite :  For this step there is three  prerequisite -


9. Connection configuration  to SAP SAC -

A. Add subaccount to Cloud Connector administration page : This step we already did in the step 7 after log into : https://<HCC HOST>:8443.

B. Add On-Premise system to Cloud : 

I. In the navigation panel, under "Display name"  which is the user first name , select Cloud to On-Premise.

PLB_TEST  is the name we given as "Display name" while defining parameter while adding sub account..


II. Under the Access Control tab, select Add. The Edit System Mapping dialog will appear - 




  Need to add our system mapping information here with below details -

Add Resource pop-up, enter "/C4A_AGENT/" for URL Path, then select the Path and all sub-paths radio button for Access Policy. Then click Save.



For SAP BW/4HANA Model import connections, the following URL paths need to be accessible. For respective paths (see below), select Path and all sub-paths.

  • /sap/opu/odata/sap/ESH_SEARCH_SRV/SearchQueries

  • /sap/bw4/v1/dwc/dbinfo

  • /sap/bw4/v1/dwc/metadata/queryviews – path and all sub-paths

  • /sap/bw4/v1/dwc/metadata/treestructure – path and all sub-paths

  • /sap/bw/ina – path and all sub-paths


and make the following function modules accessible. Select Prefix with respective function name.

  • RODPS_REPL_ – prefix


III. Save the configuration.

10. Create a Live connection from SAP analytics cloud to BW4/HANA .If it is not created already the need to create. you can use below  links to create it.

if the connection is created edit the connection or when creating a new connection and add the  Cloud connector parameters for scheduling using below steps-

  • Go to advanced features in advanced connection and check option "Lets user setup a schedule for publishing stories",


  • Fill up the cloud connector parameter(already prided in the upper steps) and save it.



11. Finally open the story you want to publish and used schedule publication to publish it



Hope this blog will help.


  1. Reference Links – SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Connector and SAP Analytics Cloud Agent

  2. Reference Link – Configuring the Cloud Connector

  3. Reference Link – Configure Cloud Connector

  4. Reference Link – Setting Up SAP Cloud Connector

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