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Hello All,

Hope you are doing well..!!!

Recently, I had requirement for schedule the job in SM37 when second job will start once the first finished. But when you schedule two jobs with a predecessor-successor relationship (start condition "Start after job"), you can schedule the predecessor periodically, but not the successor.

The BTC_EVENT_RAISE program is now available to solve this technical problem.

In this Example, I am going to schedule the job 1 and job 2 where job2 will start once job1 finished.

Steps to be follow is as below:

Step 1) Creating an Event –> Go to Transaction code SM62   –> Select  BckProcEvnts tab  –> Create an event.


  1. Go to SM62



Then provide the event name with description.


In the snapshot  above  we can see I have created an Event ‘Z_TEST’.


Step 2) Creating variant for Program”BTC_EVENT_RAISE”

Go to se38 –> Enter Program name ‘BTC_EVENT_RAISE’—> Select Variant radio Button –> Click Display



Enter a name for Variant and click ‘Create’.



In the following screen, enter the event name, which you have created in SM62 (in Step 1). In my case, I had created ‘ZTEST’ Event.



Click on Attributes, enter description for variant and click on ‘Save’



Step 3:- Create the test job in SM36 as Z_TEST1. (I have given program as RSPO0041 and variant as SAP&001).


Then again, I create the new program and given program name as BTC_EVENT_RAISE and variant as Z_TEST_25 (created in step2). Snapshot FYR.



Now i released the Z_TEST1 and then job automatically started once job 1 completed.


Feel free to drop a comment on your thought for SAP Job scheduling methods.


Thanks for reading the blogs and have a safe time ahead..!!



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