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In this blog, would like to explain how to configure a Schedule Publication in SAC Analytics Cloud (Direct live connections ).

SAP Analytics cloud is introduced one of the best features on scheduling stories and Analytics applications. It called as  Schedule Publications in SAC ( Email functionality).

Using SAC Schedule Publication, we can send the stories and reports to specific set of Users at specific time based on business needs.

From Administration perspective, following steps need to perform in SAC Cloud tenant and Cloud connector.


  1. Configure direct Live connection for S4 HANA systems.

For more details, please refer the below guide.

     2. Add SAC Subaccount in the Cloud Connector to establish the connectivity from SAC to S4 On-premises.

The below reference guide will help for configuration.

Configuration steps.

Login into SAC Subaccount and enable schedule publications.

Please log in as Admin and go to System->Administration and enable and save it.

Go to live connection and click on Advanced Features.

Select the option > let users’ setup  a schedule for publishing stories

Enter the Cloud connector location ID and backend system virtual host & port details.




Browser the files.


Select the Schedule publications.


Once click on Schedule publication, it will prompt to enter the below details.

Will have to give the recipients details whom want to send the SAC reports.


Enter the distribution list.


We can also monitor the publications reports in the calendar.


Please refer below KBA for more in detailed configuration steps.
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