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In the following post you can find a how to for schedule backups through DB13 transaction for a SAP HANA Multiple container system.


  • Prerequisites
  • How to schedule backup using transaction DB13
  • More Information


Through transaction DB13 we can support the backup of SAP HANA multiple-container systems, but only as of the following SAP_BASIS Support Packages:

  • 7.40 SP10
  • 7.31 SP15
  • 7.30 SP13
  • 7.02 SP17

For this how-to document, we are working with a SAP NW 7.40 SP15 on SAP HANA SPS11

How to schedule backup using transaction DB13

To schedule backups for a SAP HANA multiple-containers system, first we need integrate SYSTEMDB into DBACOCKPIT:

1. In transaction DBACOCKPIT create a database connection like the following:

        Important: The SL port to be used for the DB connection is entered en the following form:

  • 3<SAP_HANA_instance_number><two-digit number>
    • 3xx15 is for a SAP HANA Single-container system
    • 3xx13 is for a SAP HANA multiple database container, the SQL port numbers increment for each tenant database starting from 41, for example: 3xx41, 3xx44, 3xx47, 3xx50, etc.
  • To identified the SQL port you can execute the following SQL query:
    • Example:

2. After create the database connection, in transaction DBACOCKPIT we can find our SYSTEMDB:

Important: To see the SAP HANA multitenant database containers menu it's necesary set the SYSTEMDB like default system (See the image above).

3. Now, we can use the transaction DB13 to schedule backups for each tenant database in our SAP HANA multiple-container system:

In Database Name we can select each tenant DB available:

More Information

For know more about this topic, see the following SAP Note: 2164096 - Schedule backups for SAP HANA multiple-container systems with DB13

Best regards from Chile :smile:


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