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For last three weeks, I was struggling with my inbox related task, finally I get it done. I want to share the whole journey. Hopefully it can help you someday.

My system is S4 2022 FPS01, converted from ECC.

Standard configuration can be found here.

First let's talk about the scenario definition.

My system is converted from ECC, when I open the configuration screen, scenario id is already defined, so everything looks good. But when you test, the fiori tile shows count 0 and gives this error popup in the inbox app.

error about scenario definition

inbox tile configuration

/sap/opu/odata/IWPGW/TASKPROCESSING;mo;v=2/ScenarioCollection?filter=key eq 'YOURSCENARIO'

When I debug, I can see the code is able to read the scenarioid from url and the spro configuration also has the scenario definition.

success handler for retrieving scenario related data


The odata call  gives nothing back, it triggers the error popup.

SAP's code is querying backend with default ConsumerType='TABLET',

consumer TABLET is mandatory

When I check my scenario definition in spro, no consumer type is defined. I have to add the missing configuration

define consumer type


After that, the error popup is gone, but it still shows 0 in the tile. then I go back to old ecc inbox to debug the same code. luckily I find some difference. in the same method loadInitialAppData, ecc odata call gives much more data for the attribute ScenarioServiceURL, basically it contains all the task definition you included in your defined scenario.

scenario data


For s4, same call, it gives only one task definition, which is created recently by me for testing. that one record difference gives me an idea that the system may have bug, as it was two systems(gateway&backend) setup for fiori before, in s4, two system merged to one.  so I deleted all the task definition that came from old legacy system and re-created them for the scenario definition.


Tile count is starting working.



So far it took me a day.

The next part regarding integrating fiori elements app as approval screen is simple one, but it took most of the time, because I missed one parameter in the configuration. When search online, there is no success example, I thought maybe the scenario is not supported, then I was trying a bunch other way to implement it by myself

1. develop a fiori element app and do navigation automatically when it is opened in inbox app

2. develop free style app and wrap a FE app

3. develop FPM(flexible programming model) based app as it can have object page as first page

They all didn't work at the end.

Long story short, here is the answer:

This is the target mapping



Choose Intent-Based Navigation for the task

In the visualization parameter you will refer to the target mapping above.

For my case, that uuid parameter is hardcoded, your case maybe different, you may have to get it from the workflow dynamically, like other parameter


In the attachment  of sap note, it says you have to put application specific parameter in the visualization parameter. you have to "figure out" what is application specific parameter. I put the key components there but missed IsActiveEntity=true. it costed me two weeks


When you navigate to object page of your fiori element app, you will  find this  in the url (I am using travel expense app as example)


You have to put all the key there.

Let's use the final output to conclude this blog. Have a good weekend everyone.


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