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The first part of my blog explained the installation of SAP Zen.  Next, I planned to do something simple, just to get started and get familiar with Zen, the premium successor to BEx Web Application Designer (aka Analysis Edition for Application Design)

I followed David Stocker's tutorial on Zen and got this error with my first BEx Query:

So I moved on to another query and it worked fine.

I selected another query and for the most part followed the tutorial, with some exceptions I note below.

My first thought is how much I liked the WYSIWYG of SAP Zen – with BEx Web Application Designer (WAD), here is what the Designer saw when creating a WAD application:

Whereas designing with Zen, you do see the data as you design the application (WYSIWYG):

I was having trouble deploying to the iPad.  Because I have an iPad 1 which does not have a camera for the QR scanner I thought this wasn’t possible. 

Then I went to Tools -> Preferences on the menu and made this setting:

You need to have the “Allow external access to embedded Web server” clicked on so the iPad can access your web server.

Then you can deploy to your iPad.

I simply used the URL generated from the QR code and typed that in my iPad, and it worked.  Here is how it looks:

In my next blog, I will continue with some more observations of what you should do and consider with SAP Zen.

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