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Hi All,

The Wizard control enables users to accomplish a single goal which consists of multiple dependable sub-tasks. Each sub-task is provided in the form of a WizardStep. Although steps are managed globally through WizardProgressNavigator.

This blog shows functions and steps related to usage of Wizard Control found in sap.m library.

Special Note: Wizard seems to have a minimum of 3 Steps and maximum of 8 Steps. You can change this limit using Progress Navigator in Wizard.

1 - Create a Wizard (View)

<Wizard id="_id_wizard" complete="onPressReview" finishButtonText="Review" showNextButton="true">

The event complete triggers a function when you reach at last step and press 'Review' Button.

Property finishButtonText is a property to change name of Button on activation of all WizardStep you placed. (default: 'Review')

Property showNextButton is a property to switch display of Next Button at for each step that activates and moves to next step. (default: true)

2 - Create WizardStep as aggregation of Wizard (View):

<Wizard id="wizard" complete="onPressReview" finishButtonText="Review" showNextButton="true">
     <WizardStep id="id_wizStp1" validated="true" title="Step 1">
     <WizardStep id="id_wizStp2" validated="true" title="Step 2">
     <WizardStep id="id_wizStp3" validated="true" title="Step 3">

The event validated enables 'Next' button on that step. To toggle according to requirements, you need to use invalidateStep('control_of_step') and validateStep('control_of_step') functions.of Wizard. Can be efficient when you are using validations on each step.

Methods related to Wizard (Controller)

  • Show/Hide Next Button:

this.getView().byId("_id_wizard").setShowNextButton(false);  //Hides Next Button
this.getView().byId("_id_wizard").setShowNextButton(true);  //Shows Next Button

  • Handle Step Change (to trigger function named fHandleStepChanged on step change or click)


  • Get Current Step

var currentStep = this.getView().byId('id_wizard').mAggregations._progressNavigator.getCurrentStep();

  • Get Progress of Wizard

var wizardProgress = this.getView().byId('_id_wizard').getProgress();

  • Move to a Step (Note: Only works on activated step)

var cntrlStep3 = this.getView().byId('_id_wizStp3');

  • Validate/Invalidate a Step

this.getView().byId('_id_wizard').invalidateStep(cView.byId("_id_wizStp3"); //Invalidates Step 3
this.getView().byId('_id_wizard').validateStep(cView.byId("_id_wizStp3"); //validates Step 3

  • Validates the current step, and moves one step further. to Next Step / Previous Step

this.getView().byId('_id_wizard').nextStep(); // Move to next Step
this.getView().byId('_id_wizard').previousStep(); // Move to previous Step

That's all basics of Wizard I've now, But I'll be updating more soon. Thanks for your time

With Regards,

Umang Rustagi

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